Welcome To EONS v1.x!

EONS v1.x is the perfect tool to study the basic interactions between synaptic elements in a friendly manner. There are no complicated equations to write: all the models are predefined! This version is a great tool for first time users and students interested in learning about synapses, as well as for studying geometry and distribution hypotheses in a 2D rectangular geometry.

From a computational standpoint, EONS v1.0 is a Java Web Start application (platform independent) that is downloadable from a central server; both the user interface and simulation engine run on the client machine.

Snapshot of EONS v1.0
See EONS v1.x in action: visual feedback during a EONS v1.x simulation with an initial presynaptic paired-pulse depolarization - Calcium enters in the presynaptic terminal and triggers glutamate release. Note: This video is encoded with Windows Media Codec 9 series downloadable free of charge from the Microsoft website.

Structure of EONS v1.x

EONS consists in a graphical modeling platform in which elements that comprise a single glutamatergic synapse (both pre- and post-synaptically) as well as the underlying synaptic geometry can be modified.

Snapshot of EONS v1.0
This animation describes the main mechanisms involved during glutamatergic synaptic tranmission occuring after initial presynaptic depolarization. Click on 'Play' to start the video.

Presynaptic elements

Synaptic cleft

In the synaptic cleft, a uniform diffusion of neurotransmitter is modeled (we focus our attention to the area close the the release site).

Postsynaptic elements

We are currently in the process of adding several elements to the postsynaptic density: for more information, consult the user guide.


EONS V1.0 is a Web Start application and requires a Java virtual machine. We recommend the latest version of Java. Please visit the Java website for more information. Check our Help section for more details.