Access EONS v1!


Registration for first time users.

To access EONS v1 for the first time, you must first register to obtain a username and password.


The student version is a simplified version that contains only the main elements of a synapse. The normal version is more complex as it includes several modulatory elements and second-messenger pathways.

Software requirements:

EONS V1.2 and above are Windows applications. More information may be found in the help section.

EONS V1.1 is a Web Start application and requires a Java virtual machine. We recommend the latest version of Java. Please visit the Java website for more information. Check our Help section for more details.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Display
    • Minimum: 1024x768, 16 bit color, 17'' monitor
    • Recommended: 1280x1024 or higher, 32 bit color, 19'' monitor
  • Suggested Memory
    • Minimum: At least 512MB RAM
    • Recommended: 1GB RAM
  • Internet Connection
    • Minimum: Dialup
    • Recommended: T1/T3/Cable Modem/DSL

If you have problems accessing EONS v1.1, please consult our help pages.